It is very important to always keep a correct account of transfers, reimbursements, and insurance claims. The correct system of billing is one of the most important components of a successful company. Sometimes it is difficult for non-emergency medical transportation companies to have time to do all everyday challenges and at the same time keep the correct calculations. In such cases, non-emergency medical transportation and homecare services require extra help to stop guessing and start keeping accurate bills. Claimgenix is a powerful all-inclusive billing software product for your company, which solves all problems with reimbursements and money transfers. 

You can send professional invoices directly to your customers in just one click. Moreover, you can automatically email them as a PDF attachment or print and email them. This feature makes life easier and makes billing faster. The flexibility of the billing system used allows it to quickly adapt to the needs of the company in a specific period, ensuring that requests are fulfilled. By the way, you shouldn’t worry about the number of payers – Claimgenix can bill over 8,000 payers! This is very convenient for large projects. 

The system of our software product can identify any incorrect bills or invalid codes before submitting and sending. You don’t have to worry about hidden transfer fees, incomprehensible transfers, and errors in the amount of money. Claimgenix tries to improve the performance of the NEMT, homecare, and other medical projects by streamlining the billing. Our goal is to reduce expenses and increase income. The correct system of billing plays an important role in the well-being of a company. Try the demo version and make sure of the quality of our service!

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