A single physical server (computer) can run many virtual servers. A virtual private server (VPS) is deployed on an ordinary physical server using virtualization. Virtualization is a technology that provides isolation of computing processes running on one resource from each other. With the help of this technology, VPS become independent among themselves. It turns out that each VPS is an isolated environment and working with it is similar to working with a remote computer. The VPS owner can delete, add, edit any files, including files in service directories, as well as install their own applications or configure any software they need.

      Advantages of VPS hosting server in Cyprus

  •  Own dedicated IP address.
  •  “Neighbors” will not interfere with the work of your sites.
  • All 100% of the server’s resources belong to you.
  • Access with root rights – configure the server as you like.
  • Low price. When the capacity of traditional shared hosting is not enough, and a full-fledged dedicated server is expensive to rent, VDS servers come to the rescue.

      VPS rental is a popular type of hosting, which combines the best cost and quality of services. However, you need to remember that this type of hosting is suitable only for experienced users, because the settings and administration will have to be done independently.

      Which is Better: VPS, Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server

      Shared hosting is the simplest type of hosting. It resembles a communal apartment with separate rooms and a common address (IP) for many sites. If we draw a similar analogy with VPS, then it will be a high-rise building where sites live in separate apartments with different addresses, but are still in the same big house. A dedicated server is a completely separate cottage where you can do whatever you want.

      From a security point of view, the best option is a dedicated server. However, this service is expensive and not everyone can afford it. Shared hosting is cheap, but does not always meet the requirements of the project. The best option remains – VPS.

      Who Is VPS / VDS Hosting Suitable For?

  • Owners of multiple sites. There are usually no limits on the number of sites, domains and databases on virtual server plans. You can create as many as your resources allow.
  • Online stores.
  • Highly loaded sites with high traffic.
  • Corporate websites of companies with a wide catalog.
  • When you need a server for mailing lists.
  • If the site requires the installation of separate software.

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