Waste from production, emissions from power plants and vehicles cause significant environmental pollution. Pollution of the atmosphere and water bodies leads to a change in the microclimate, acidification of the soil, poisoning of animals and vegetation, negatively affects people’s health.

      Wastes from chemical industries, which are a source of environmental pollution, are significantly inferior in this sense to energy, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining and transport.

      How to save nature?

      The integrated use of raw materials allows us to approach the solution to the most important task – to minimize technological losses of raw materials and make full use of production waste. This allows expanding the raw material base, increasing the volume of production, reducing the cost of raw materials and energy, and also significantly reducing environmental pollution by industrial emissions. Integrated use of raw materials leads to a reduction in capital investment in production, lower production costs and improve all technical and economic indicators of production. GreenPower will help you deal with this problem and earn money on waste!

      GreenPower is an international company of bioenergy industry which creates technologies for processing waste into useful products. GreenPower uses following processes: gasification, pyrolysis and activation. We offer the following equipment for charcoal production:

  • Continuous charcoal kiln BIO-KILN: The kiln produces high-quality charcoal following the rules of the thermal processing of various plant materials.
  • Charcoal kiln EKKO-2: This installation will help you obtain high-quality charcoal and heat energy in process of low-temperature pyrolysis of carbon-containing materials of plant origin.
  • Charcoal kiln “Continuous”: The kiln produces charcoal from hardwood and softwood.

      We exert best efforts to create and manufacture the most effective environmentally friendly installations, constantly improving the quality of our products. Let’s make the environment better together. Contact GreenPower.

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