One of the advantages of branching your business into Europe is the active and solvent audience you meet and potentially can convert. One of the disadvantages though is that Europeans are demanding and know what they want, so you always have to stay on top of your game. This especially goes for the quality of your business website.

Research shows, that if the loading speed is too high, processing takes too long or response is delayed, potential clients will leave the site and may never come back. Therefore, while doing business in Europe you need to make sure your website is always online, working fast and smoothly, with minimal access time. To achieve that, picking the right Netherlands VPS hosting provider and plan might be in order. Why the Netherlands? Because it’s a great hub for hosting services in Europe, where reliable companies with well-maintained facilities and knowledgeable technical support reside.

Which hosting provider should I choose?

If you find yourself asking this question, some tips might come in handy. While comparing a couple of companies pay attention to which one has more features from the following list:

  1. It has good customer service, which can help you with any questions – any time, any day.
  2. Its facilities correspond to the EU regulations, have climate control in the cabinets and are highly secured so that only personnel can access the servers.
  3. It has backups for the information and power reserve to function even in times of unexpected events.
  4. Its services are multiplatform and customizable.
  5. Its prices are not hicked beyond all reason.

To spare you some time, however, we can recommend HostZealot – a reliable company that really does have all the needed qualities to be the best VPS hosting provider in the Netherlands. It is a trustworthy hosting provider that offers a lot of affordable plans suitable for hosting any size of the website, so you can pick the one you like.

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