If your employees have the necessary qualifications, this is a good start. However, they must still interact well with customers. The following are some tips to help ensure that customer support staff are properly performing their duties and well received by customers.

Ask employees to indicate their common interests with the people they help. Adhering to this point of view, it is possible to make relations more humane and easier to overcome conflicts, which will cause the sympathy of customers for your employees (and, ultimately, for your company).

Practice active listening so that your clients feel heard. Refine and rephrase what customers say to make sure you understand them exactly. Empathize and sympathize with people, saying phrases such as: “It must have upset you” or “I can understand why you feel impaired.”

Admit your mistakes, even if you discover them before your customers. This builds trust and also allows you to control the situation, redirect the attention of the client and solve the problem.

Check the situation after fixing the problem. Make sure that the issue is finally resolved, and that customers are satisfied with the service. Emailing or even polling for feedback is a great way to show customers that you are still on their side.

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