If Art Deco was liked by you it means that you love wealth and luxury. Every detail literally says about its beauty. Today a kitchen in Art Deco style symbolizes the courtliness. When you decide to make an interior in this style you should be ready to spend much money. It’s difficult to mix up the Art Deco style. You will know more about interior styles from this article.

Hey, I forgot to say that red paintings fit perfectly for any style. The paintings may be in various colors and styles. For example, abstract paintings are good because they suit any design, you want to consider them every minute. The Interior without pictures is not interesting. They can highlight the room in a one-color range and combine it with other decor items in the same color. You should choose a painting according to the wall’s color. We have already talked about choosing a painting before. 

Which characteristics are main in the Art Deco kitchen style?

  1. Functionality is the main feature today. This also applies to the Art Deco style in the interior. Items should be not only beautiful but also functional;
  1. Luxury flaunts there. Such design demonstrates its expensive price;
  1. There is an opportunity to show ethnic decor items. For example, African or antique statuettes. 
  1. Textiles are always with geometric patterns. For instance, curtains, lamps, sofas, or carpets. Art Deco style can’t be without geometry. Various curved lines, squares, triangles, circles, and other shapes are the main feature in Art Deco style. 
  1. It’s important to choose the right colors. The colors of wealth are chosen by people – these are gold, silver, platinum, bronze, and copper. You also can use gems. 

So if you are ready to furnish the kitchen in this style I will give you some ideas. 

Firstly, the main thing in the repair and decoration of such a room is gold. Its shades are used not for creating a base, but for decor – wall ornaments, furniture, textiles. You can make a kitchen interior in white and gold colors. Put a crystal chandelier and some lamps to make a more pleasant atmosphere. It will look amazing! 

The second idea is varnished furniture. It looks very laconic and pays attention. Especially if the furniture in black color. Yes, black can shine! The floor is covered with natural stone or artificial rock tiles. All your guests will say something good about your kitchen!

Be brave and make the kitchen interior in Art Deco style! 

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